The decree numbered 667, having the force of law  and issued during the state of emergency declared after the failed 15th July coup d'état has unlawfully shut down Yar-sav, relating it to the Fethullah Gulen religious movement.

Yar-sav has never been affiliated with any establishment or organisation based on religion. On the contrary, it has adhered to the principle values of a secular and democratic Republic and has favoured the proletariat, equality, freedom and peace. 

Murat Arslan has  also stated that Yar-sav is far from government-religious establishment and is based on the principles of secularism, democracy and peace. 

Murat Arslan symbolises the reaction towards the attacks against democratic institutions and establishments and  bar associations  by the partnership of the government and the Gulen movement that has transformed that movement into a state apparatus and is aimed at the removal of judicial independence and impartiality.

This being the case, attributing Murat Arslan to the Gulen movement is as wrong as attributing Yarsav to that religious group. It is an unlawful and unjust attempt to deliberately manipulate and distort the facts.

The detention of Murat Arslan by linking him to the Gulen Movement, and especially by linking him to the coup d'etat, is a blatant violation of universal principles of law as well as a hostile attack on the right to association of judges and public prosecutors.

We respectfully share with the public the fact that we stand with Murat Arslan, who is our member. Under the rule of law it is essential that he is set free.