Brief History

Yargıçlar Sendikası is established, how its documents of establishment were refered to The
Governorship of Ankara yet the Governor refused to approve howbeit incorporators of the union
insist on the agreement then the Governor had to accept the documents however he said that he
accepted to refere but he would retrocede them. So the Governor’s behavior indicates the feeling of
the government to Yargıçlar Sendikası. Then the documents of the establishment of the union with
Governor’s reference was submitted to Ankara Police Headquarters Security Branch Directorate in
Subsequently, the documents of application with the notification that is numbered 21222/22543,
dated 16.11.2012 had sent to Çankırı where the president of the union resides in without any
Thence, the documents of the establishment of Yargıçlar Sendikası had been submitted to Ankara
Police Headquarters despite their negative view. Yargıçlar Sendikası is established about to not close
in 16.11.2012.

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